Posted by: dineshpradeepkumara | May 30, 2008

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I’m opened Gymnasium in Mahavilachchiya. It’s difficult to handle my self. I brought some computers with my own money and started a Computer class for kids.

Posted by: dineshpradeepkumara | May 30, 2008

It’s difficult to handle my self

I’m opened Gymnasium in Mahavilachchiya. It’s difficult to handle my self. I brought some computers with my own money and started a Computer class for kids.

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Who is the opened first Gymnasium in Mahavilachchiya?

I’m very happy today. My best friend Lahiru and I opened gymnasium in Pemaduwa Junction today  through the Horizon Lanka Foundation. We hope share our facilities with Villagers.

Who can help to us success our Gymnasium?

Dinesh Pradeep Kumara

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The “Atadageya” situated in Polonnaruwa city. The building “Hatadageya” is in front of “Watadageya”. The building that is situated to the right if this building is called “Atadageya” This was built by the king 1 Vijayabahu. And also this was the house of tooth relic. The tooth relic was placed in the first floor where as the ground floor was used as a room of images. According to the inscription written in Tamil says that the way how we should protect the tooth relic. The inscription besides this building also says that the king 1 Vijayabahu employed solders to protect this building alone with the tooth relic.

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You like know me?


My name is Dinesh Pradeep Kumara. I am twenty years old and I study at Horizon Lanka Foundation. My favorite sport is cricket. My favorite hobby is reading books.

My mother is Mangalika. She is a housewife. My mother is kind. She is beautiful. She is little shy. She is a clever woman. She likes to watch teledramas and news. She loves me. I love my mother. She wants to be a good woman and a good mother.

My father is Kumara. He is the chief of our house. He is a farmer. My father likes to watch television news. He is tall. He is kind to people. He likes to laugh. He does everything for us. He loves me, I too love my father.

I have one brother and four sisters. My brother’s name is Buddhika Prasanna Kumara. My sisters’ names are Gayani, Nirmala, Krishanthi and Nishanthi. My eldest sister is Gayani Pushpa Kumari. She is twenty-four years old. She likes English, Sinhala and Tamil songs. She likes to watch cricket matches, films and teledramas. My second sister is Nirmala. She is twenty-two years old. She is clever in sports. Krishanthi is my younger sister. She is nineteen years old. English is her favorite subject. She likes to write letters to pen – friends in English. She likes dancing and singing. Nishanthi is my youngest sister. She is seventeen years old. She is good at singing songs. She watches children’s programmes on television. Buddhika is my youngest brother. He is the pet in our family. He is fourteen years old. He is smart. I love my family.

My friends are Isuru and Majith. I like to learn computers. I also like to do computer repairs. My ambition is to become a computer programmer. We are going to learn Visual Basic as well. I also want to improve my web page. My favorite graphic software is photoshop. By doing repairs, I can learn hardware stuff too. My favorite cricketers are Sanath Jayasuriya and Muththaiya Muralidharan.